Talk To Me
Just Dont Care
For Love
Think Of You
Hope Ur Happy

He says
It shoulda been me
And you laugh
And touch his hand

While your boyfriend
Watches putting
Them back
And you wonder why he's mad

And you flirt with the boy
With the backward hat
But you’re nothing
But a passing glance

And you want that boy
Who made you laugh
But you're never
Gonna take the chance

So the beasts
Come alive
One more night
Of pure denial

And the lights
Turn down low
Where no one
Can see you smile

And the beasts
Roam the bar tonight
Ain't no love
In these hearts

And the beasts
In the stars tonight
Take your love
And fall apart

And the beasts
The beasts
Are out tonight

He starts
With a kiss on the cheek
And you give him
One more chance

And your boys
On the side are
Jealous as hell
Wanting what they never had

So it gets you off
When they’re looking at you
Like a prize
Than a passing glance

And you want that boy
Who’s looking at you
Cuz all you need
Is a loving hand


He says
He says
Looking for you
Looking to do

What it takes
Just to get to you

He says
He says
Where do I go
What do I know

My heart beats
Gotta let you go

Feeling like prey
You’re the enemy
Keep you close
Every word you say

Everything you do
Is just for you
Loving the hunt
Cuz it’s what you do

In the chase
In the way
They look at you
They look at you